Let’s WIN Mobile

Become a Volunteer

What does it mean to be a volunteer? First understand that there is no pay. Some would say that goes without saying, but maybe not. You can start at any time and quit at any time. So, to help you stay for the long run let me explain our needs.

Volunteer Needs:

  • Fundraising — Our goal is to raise at least $100,000. We need to use social media, traditional means, and spreading the word through e-mail, flyers, etc.
  • We need feet on the ground to work in neighborhoods, rallies, and events.
  • At some point we will need office help.
  • On election day, we will need help at the polls.
  • Neighborhood soliciting will be needed as we possibily go door to door, pass out flyers or via zoom presentations.
  • As funds come in, we may need callers to reach out to the voters list.
  • Emailing voters may be an area we need assistance in as well.
  • Other needs may arise also.


Volunteer Opportunities